Managing an agency with all its components (departments, clients, freelancers etc.) is hard work.

That’s why when it comes to creating or optimizing a business strategy with specific objectives, you have to take into account many variables and a dose of uncertainty.

From research with our clients using OKRs and our own experience, we realized it’s a goal-setting framework that fits the agency business model with its particular challenges of growth, clients management, innovation etc. 

So we’re launching an OKR guide in December, to support agencies optimize their strategic processes and acquire more clients.

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In brief, here’s what you will learn from our OKR guide for SEO agencies:

SEOmonitor started as an SEO agency back in 2007, so we understand your business processes and context. That’s why we’re committed to adapt our resources and solutions for SEO agency needs, especially during this crisis. In this Library, you can read more thought leadership and strategic articles created to support your agency flows.

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